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Bhangda Paale O Mere Sang - Remix:
Boman Irani, Diya Mirza, Mahesh Manjrekar,

Music Director:
Siddharth Haldipur

Dedicated: 0 Times Played: 83 Times
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Synopsis of Fruit And Nut:
Movie Review:

'Fruit And Nut' is a comedy film. The film is a debut directorial for Kunal Vijaykar.The starring of the film includes Jockey Cyrus Broacha, Diya Mirza, Boman Irani and Mahesh Manjrekar. The music has been composed for the film by Sangeet Haldipur and Siddharth. The film is all set to release on October 23, under the banner of Indian Films.
The film revolves around the life of a simple, hard working Jolly Maker (Cyrus Broacha), who is stressed hard and is on the guard for money, achievement, friends, and love in the end. Jolly does the job as an accountant for Khandar who is a corrupt money-minded builder. Jolly is a kind of bore who knows little about style or how to woo women, but he is, certainly, an adorable character.
The twist in the tale discloses when Jolly's beautiful and smart colleague, Monica (Diya Mirza), who has earned a repute of being a disagreeable person, is kidnapped from office under mysterious circumstances. The event marks the beginning of a hilarious roller-coaster ride replete with Jolly's comical disasters. As the story progresses, he finds himself trying to undamaged pull out of plot emerged by a nutty ex-Maharaja, to tear down the city of his dreams, Mumbai.
Will the cute Jolly be able to save Monica? What will happen to our adorable ‘City of Dreams’ Mumbai? Will Jolly fall in love and be able to claim his love-interest? Will he see all his dreams fulfilled? With the movie ready to hit the theaters on the October 23, the viewers will get to know the answers very soon. Till then, it is just ‘wait and watch’.


Song lyrics:

I Like To Moovam Moovam 2 Da Groovam Groovam....
(heeriye Mujhe Yuun Na Sata, Mere Heeriye O Heeriye - (2)
Jaaniye O Mere Paas Toh Aa Mere Jaaniye O Jaaniye) - (2)
(o Bhangada Paale -3 O Mere Sang Ishq Ladaale) - (3)
I Like To Moovam Moovam 2 Da Groovam Groovam....

Nakhare Hai Tere Maashaah Allah Kya Main Kahun Wallaah Wallaah
Dil Dhunde Pyaar Ka Bahaana Mushkil Hai Isako Samajhana
Deewaane Ghumein Ghumein Masti Mein Jhumein Jhumein - (2)
Tir Aankhon Se Maarein Hajaar
(o Bhangada Paale -3 O Mere Sang Ishq Ladaale) - (2)
I Like To Moovam Moovam 2 Da Groovam Groovam....

O Kudiye O Heeriye O Kudiye O Mere Jaaniye

Saansein Hai Meri Mehaki Mehaki Chaal Bhi Meri Behaki Behaki
Teri Baaton Ka Yeh Nasha Hai, Harsu Music Baj Raha Hai
Labon Ko Kholo Jara, I Love You Bolo Jara
Saaanein Tham Gayi Mere Yaar
O Heeriye O Mere Heeriye (to Moovam Moovam 2 Da Groovam Groovam)
Jaaniye Mere Paas Toh Aa Mere Jaaniye O Jaaniye
(bhangada Paale -3 O Mere Sang Ishq Ladaale) - (2)
O Heeriye O Mere Jaaniye, Bhangada Paale Mere Sang Ishq Ladaale
Bhangada Paale -3 O Mere Sang Ishq Ladaale
I Like To Moovam Moovam 2 Da Groovam Groovam....

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